Robert graduated from Indiana University School of Music with a degree in both Music Performance and Business. He then played French horn professionally throughout Europe and the U.S. Subsequently, Robert earned a law degree from the Chicago Kent School of Law in his native Chicago. In 2012, his law school honored him by naming him an Alumni of Distinction.

After practicing with a law firm in Chicago, Robert represented the business interests of radio and television performers as an executive with AFTRA, SAG and AGMA, where he negotiated labor agreements with major radio and television broadcast operators. He also gained experience negotiating the production of television series for networks and syndicators while working for the Fox Broadcasting Company and during his involvement in producing the animated series Peter Pan and the Pirates for the Fox Network. The relationships Bob developed with radio and television personalities as well as broadcast executives formed the core of his business when he founded his own talent agency, Robert Eatman Enterprises, Inc., in 1991.

Today, Robert Eatman Enterprises, Inc. represents many of the best-known performers in broadcasting. His background in television and radio, as well as his experience as a performer, make him the best choice for well-established and up-and-coming performers.

Ross has many years of experience in representing broadcast talent and in negotiating broadcast employment agreements. After graduating from Dartmouth College and Boston University Law School, Ross served as a judicial law clerk, taught law school and held other academic positions in the law. In 1987, Ross was retained as Executive Director and General Counsel for the Philadelphia local of AFTRA and the SAG, the national unions that represent on-air talent. As AFTRA/SAG’s chief negotiator and counsel in Philadelphia, Ross represented hundreds of on-air television and radio news and programming talent in labor negotiations with the major broadcast networks and other major broadcast owners. He also represented film actors, musicians, and other performing arts talent during his tenure with AFTRA and SAG.


I, Candace Walheim, am a mother of 2 grow sons. I got my CPA license in 1991 and started my own accounting service business 1992. In 1998 I started working for Robert's business as a bookkeeper. It has been a very rewarding 18 years helping Robert and taking care of all aspect of his agency tasks as well as his personal affairs.

In my spare time I enjoy golfing, swimming, music, travel and social dancing.

I suppose that I am fortunate to have found a career that I truly enjoy working in.

Erika is a French expat who moved between Europe and the United States for most of her childhood before going off on her own to Canada. While living in Montreal, Erika received a Bachelor's degree from McGill University. Erika focused her studies on Sociology and International Development as she is fascinated with people, what makes them thrive, and someday saving the world. In 2015, Erika moved to California, joined Robert Eatman Enterprises and has enjoyed learning the ins and out of the business while working closely with clients.